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Top Questions

What am I being paid for?

Our site was created to collect information from Internet users and analyze the data obtained. Thanks to the data received, social and search networks develop smart feed algorithms and create a unique display of sports and other events. 91% of the profit is credited to our users.

How to register?

You only need Email, no other data is required. Follow the simple registration process using the form: write an Email and create a password. Then you can go to the menu - “Sport Review” and begin to familiarize yourself with the content.

How to get more money?

On the site in the main menu you will see - “Link for friends” and “Coefficient”, these items describe how to get passive income. Go to these sections to view details.

How to share the link with friends?

A loyalty program has been introduced on the site, bring a friend and get $ 80 + 13% of his profit on the site. Copy and post the link for your friends on facebook, as soon as your friend clicks on your link and register you will receive the money.

Coefficient - why is it needed?

To measure the activity of site users and additional loyalty, we introduced the concept of a coefficient. The more active you are, the higher the coefficient and your profit. See details in the corresponding section.

How much can I get?

Conduct a daily review of sporting and other events and you will receive a minimum of $ 280 per day. $ 1 960 per week. $ 13 720 per month.

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Sport Review

Increased income for a review of sporting events.
One review conducted - $ 8.
More than 31 events are added daily, your profit will be at least $ 248.


Link for friends

From today you can share the link with friends on social networks and receive money for each registered friend in the amount of $ 80 + 13% of his profit on an ongoing basis!